About Us

Troy & Charity Williamson

We discovered one another in the church more than 20 years ago, and although we were both young at the time, God orchestrated the crossing of our lives’ paths. We married in 2007 and now have four amazing children: Royal, Royce, Sadie, and Raylan. While we have always genuinely loved one another, our marriage has proved to be very challenging at times. The stresses of everyday life and not keeping God as the center of our marriage led us down some dark and treacherous roads. We needed guidance to find our way back to where our marriage belonged.

Troy – The trust was gone. Where could we turn? Addressing the infidelity in the marriage would only be scratching the surface of our problems. Not only had I stepped out of the marriage, but I found out that the other young lady was pregnant with my child. I’d always told myself that I wouldn’t be like the man that helped bring me into the world. He got me here, but he didn’t help raise me. I’d always said I’d never have kids and not be responsible for them, so I took care of my daughter. However, I made the decision to not tell Charity about the child until four years later.

Charity – Devastation, anger, shock, betrayal. It was all too much to process at once, so I became numb. All the while, I was praying that it was just a bad dream that I would soon wake up from. If I didn’t know anything else, I knew hell had to pay! I had to totally yield myself to God so that He could take our mess and use it for His glory. I really needed God to work a miracle because I knew divorce wasn’t the answer, yet I couldn’t see how we could recover from something so damaging on our own.

Getting back on track and focusing on what really matters – God – has put us on a path to help other married couples overcome the storms they face. We are now stationed together as that light at the end of the tunnel, willing to put it all out there so that other marriages cannot just survive but thrive. What we came to understand was that from day one, since the moment we met, God was getting us ready for whatever we would face. In the process of walking out our healing, we discovered the collateral beauty of our difficulties. We realized that God would not just heal our marriage but would use our testimony to help other couples reclaim their own, or better yet, help couples steer clear of the dangers that seek to destroy marriages.

If you’re one of those couples, God’s just led you to a spring in the desert. You’ve stumbled upon the answer you’ve been praying for.